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Chung-Yen Engineering Co.,Ltd.  
Company : Chung-Yen Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Profile : The Chung Yen Engineering Co., Ltd. was created in1981.We started doing minor engineering projects outsourced by the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC) ,and gradually moved to medium-sized and eventually large-scale projects. By taking part in the establishment of factories and maintenance tasks for the CPC and Taiwan Power Company, Chung Yen has gained much special experience such as completing up to 87.5 meters of chimneys and demolishing and reinstalling 100m flares for the CPC. Furthermore, we have also conducted high-voltage, hydraulic(290kg/cm2) and airtight(210kg/cm2) pressure tests necessary to build heat exchangers for the CPC as well as designed, established, installed, and tested ventilation facilites for the Taiwan Power Company. You can even see examples of our MND-building and heat exchanger installation at the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology. Other works include manufacturing heat exchangers for alloy steel. This requires delicate skill and effort, and knowledge of steel structural design and installation. Moreover, we helped the CPC build and install 430 heat exchangers. We do not provide package services, but we are a contractor experienced almost in every part of an engineering project such as the manufacturing, installation, and performance testing of complete refinery equipment. Although we have never contracted large-scale projects, our twenty-five years of experience definitely enables us to successfully complete small-and-medium-sized turnkey type projects. In order to respond to the demand in the engineering industry for skill upgrades and high quality, Chung Yen maintains its original advantages, and at the same time, enhances the company structure and expands its design team. So that we can master our ability to design,build/manufacture, and do performance tests.
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